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Take a step back in time and relive the original Lineage II
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Learn everything you need to know about the server before you start playing
Basic Server Informations

General Informations

Server Chronicle: [EP1.0] Ertheia: Dimensional Strangers
Server Platform: Retail like PTS server files
Server Rates: Up to 6x (Dynamic rate)
Antibot System: Dynamic antibot system running on client and server
Multilanguage Client: Our server supports English and Russian version of client
NPC Buffs: are available in every town (Buffs are Melody/Sonata/Harmony level 1 for 60 minutes and for 1-99 levels)
D/C/B/A/S Equipment: is available in every town on Adventurer's Guide for Steel Door Coin (reward from story quests) or in Weapon/Armory/Luxory shop
R-Grade Equipment: After reaching 85 you may trade your mentee certificate for R-Grade - Requiem / Immortal Equipment!
Vote Reward: Ingame rewards for voting on toplists
Ability System: Choose your path and give your character bonus abilities based on your choice
Olympiad / Ceremony of Chaos are running with monthly cycle
Party Macthing / Clan Entry System: Searching for party or clan is easier on our server
Path to Awakening: rewards for leveling are enabled
Automatic Fishing enabled for everyone to get some free XP/SP
Mentoring System: Receive XP boost for leveling for mentoring or being mentee
Museum Statistics: Ingame statistics of players are available in Town of Aden from NPC Arwen
Auto-loot enabled for everyone (Raid Bosses still drop their loot on the ground)
Offline Shop enabled for everyone in Town of Aden square
Auction House: Buy or Sell your items through Auction House
Beauty Shop: Make your character with unique visual style
Retail-like class transfer quests - it won't take more than few minutes
Maximum Clients per computer: 3
Maximum number of members in a party: 7

Ingame Drop Calculator

On our server you can find ingame droplist fo each monster. You need only to click on "bag icon" in target window to see advanced informations about NPC. These informations do match with current rates of server. Also you can use search for drop/spoil via interface (ALT+X).
Ingame Drop Calculator

Museum Statistics

Would you like to know the best records of heroes on our server? Well, you have to meet Arwen in Town of Aden, as she has access to all important records from Lineage 2 world. Do not worry. This service is completely free!

Museum Statistics
Server Rates
The dynamic rate system of the server is setup for each level phases to help new players to get on higher levels faster, so they can enjoy content of Ertheia version.
Dynamic Rate System of Experience Rates

Dynamic Rate System of Experience Rates

As we understand that real content of Ertheia version starts after 85+ level, we focused to make leveling of new character to be easier. Also so we considered to keep story based quests for newbie zones to be working and help newbie players on their journey with something new! When you reach 85 level, then our dynamic rate will start slowly reduce XP gain, so you will have challenge to reach endgame content.


Levels 1-40: 3x
Levels 40-60: 4x -> 5x
Levels 60-80: 5x -> 6x
Levels 80-84: 6x -> 5x
Levels 85-99: 5x -> 3x
Raid Bosses

Raid Bosses

Levels 1-40: 1x
Levels 40-84: 1.5x
Levels 85-99: 2x


Daily Quests: 40-80 Lv.
Experiences are increased
Story Quests: 40-80 Lv.
Experiences are increased
7 Signs Quests: 79-81 Lv.
Experiences are increased


Pailaka 49-55: Experiences are increased
Pailaka 61-67: Experiences are increased
Pailaka 73-77: Experiences are increased

Basic Rates:

XP/SP: x3 -> x6 (dynamic rate)
Adena: x3
Drop: x1
Spoil: x3
RB XP/SP: x1 -> x2 (dynamic rate)
RB Drop: x1
Quest XP/SP: x3
Quest Drop: x1
Quest Reward: x1

Enchant Rates:

  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Safe Enchant Full-Armor: +4
  • Max Enchant: +20
  • Enchanting Chance: 66%
Spawn & Entry Informations
Raid Bosses

Raid Bosses

Raid bosses will be spawning with respect to server time. Please, be aware of timezone as it might be different from yours.
Bosses use base spawn time + random spawn time.

Raid Bosses: 24 Hours + 0-4 Hours Random

Grand Bosses

Queen Ant
Monday: 21:00
Wednesday: 21:00
Friday: 21:00
Tuesday: 21:00
Thursday: 21:00
Saturday: 21:00
Base spawn: 60 hours
Random: 23 hours
Sunday: 16:00
Base spawn: 264 hours
Random: 72 hours
Base spawn: 264 hours
Random: 72 hours
Base spawn: 264 hours
Random: 72 hours
Earth Wyrm Trasken
Base spawn: 336 hours
Random: 12 hours
Base spawn: 264 hours
Random: 72 hours

Seven Signs Bosses

Thursday - 21:00 / Saturday - 14:00
Level Limit: 85 - 95
Tuesday - 21:00 / Saturday - 16:00
Level Limit: 95 - 99


Zone Requirements Instance Reset
Kamaloka 20-83 lvl, 2-7 players Daily at 6:30
Legacy of Cruma Tower 38+ lvl, 2-7 players Daily at 6:30
Cavern of The Pirate Captain (Daytime) 55+ lvl, 7-35 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Cavern of The Pirate Captain (Nighttime) No limit, 7-350 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Cavern of The Pirate Captain (Daytime Difficult) 78+ lvl, 7-21 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Last Imperial Tomb 80+ lvl, 7-35 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Ice Queen Castle (Normal) 82+ lvl, 7-21 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Ice Queen Castle (Epic) 82+ lvl, 10-21 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Teredor Warzone 85+ lvl, 5-7 players Daily at 6:30
Kartia's Labyrinth (Solo) 85/90/95+ lvl, solo Daily at 6:30
Kartia's Labyrinth (Party) 85/90/95+ lvl, 2-7 players Daily at 6:30
Seed of Annihilation - Nursery 85-89 lvl, solo Daily at 6:30
Fortress of Resistance 85-99 lvl, 7-14 players Based on clan hall siege date
Devastated Castle 85-99 lvl, 7-14 players Based on clan hall siege date
Fortress of the Dead 85-99 lvl, 7-14 players Based on clan hall siege date
Istina Cavern (Normal) 90+ lvl, 7-35 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Fortuna 90+ lvl, 7 players Daily at 6:30
Spezion's Cavern (Normal) 90+ lvl, 7 players Daily at 6:30
Spezion's Cavern (Epic) 95+ lvl, 7 players Daily at 6:30
Kimerian (Normal) 90+ lvl, solo Daily at 6:30
Kimerian (Epic) 90+ lvl, solo Daily at 6:30
Antharas' Nest - Balthus Knights 90+ lvl, 14-35 players 1st day and 15th day of month
Nornils's Garden 93+ lvl, 2-7 players Daily at 6:30
Seed of Destruction 93+ lvl, 10-35 players Wednesday at 6:30
Altar of Shilen 95+ lvl, 7 players Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Seed of Infinity 95+ lvl, 7-35 players Wednesday at 6:30
Octavis Warzone (Normal) 95+ lvl, 7-35 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Istina Cavern (Epic) 97+ lvl, 10-35 players Wednesday at 6:30
Octavis Warzone (Epic) 97+ lvl, 10-35 players Wednesday at 6:30
Tauti Warzone (Normal) 97+ lvl, 7-35 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Tauti Warzone (Epic) 97+ lvl, 10-35 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Baylor 97+ lvl, 7 players Daily at 6:30
Balok 97+ lvl, 7-21 players Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30
Crystal Caverns 97+ lvl, 7 players Daily at 6:30
Nightmare Kamaloka 97+ lvl, 2-7 players Daily at 6:30
Dimensional Warp 99+ lvl, 2-4 players No penalty
Bonuses of Premium Rune
Premium Rune can be transfered to another character on the same account via Dimensional Merchant.
Premium Rune

Premium Rune

For players which would like to level up faster, there is an option to get Premium Rune. This item is available in our ingame L2Store shop. It does not provide any PVP bonuses as it purpose is to help with leveling. You can choose between 7 days or 30 days runes.

Experience (XP): +50%
Skill Points (SP): +50%
Drop: +30%
Spoil: +30%
Adena: +30%
Experience (XP) loss upon death: -50%

How to transfer Premium Rune to another character on the same account

We have allowed to transfer Premium Rune to another character on the same account. Just visit Dimensional Merchant and use transfer option of dimensional item to deposit it. Then relog to your another character on the same account and withdraw your Premium Rune via Dimensional Merchant.
Vote Reward
Reward for Voting
Vote Reward

Server voting

As every server need to grow up, we will need your help to vote for our server on specific pages. As it gives our server more visibility to possibly get new players to join and fight.

You can vote only one time per 12 hours. Reward will be instantly delivered on your account.

How to vote

To get your vote reward, you will have to log into your account on our website. And then proceed to vote section from your account panel. You can click on button below to start your voting session.

Vote Reward

As an thank you, you can receive ingame Vote Reward. This limited item will increases your PVE damage by 5% and increases XP and SP acquired through hunting by 10%, when possessed in the inventory for 12 hours. Also you will receive 25 pieces of Shilen's Soul Fragment.
After succesful voting, you can log into the game and proceed into Product Inventory to collect it.
Vote Reward
Clan Activities
Castle Sieges

Castle Sieges

Casle Sieges are the most ambitious aspects of Lineage II, so their scale and systems are exciting factors in the game. Clans that have reached level 4 can occupy a castle and enjoy the fame and riches therein. Once they own a castle, clans can exercise tremendous influence in terms of tax rate adjustments and political activities.

Aden Castle

Aden Castle

  • Siege time: Sunday 20:00 Server Time
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Registration ends: 24 hours prior to siege start
Rune Castle

Rune Castle

  • Siege time: Sunday 20:00 Server Time
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Registration ends: 24 hours prior to siege start
Dion Castle

Dion Castle

  • Siege time: Sunday 20:00 Server Time
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Registration ends: 24 hours prior to siege start
Gludio Castle

Gludio Castle

  • Siege time: Sunday 20:00 Server Time
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Registration ends: 24 hours prior to siege start
Oren Castle

Oren Castle

  • Siege time: Sunday 20:00 Server Time
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Registration ends: 24 hours prior to siege start
Innadril Castle

Innadril Castle

  • Siege time: Sunday 20:00 Server Time
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Registration ends: 24 hours prior to siege start

Additional Castle Siege Informations

Giran, Goddard and Schuttgart castles are not available. As we have only currently Aden, Rune, Dion, Gludio, Oren and Innadril to be ready for it! After some sieges we will start to add more castles to the pool for next siege week.

Clan Halls

Clans that are level 2 and higher can bid for a Clan Hall or Provisional Clan Hall by speaking to Auctioneer in any town. Clan Hall is a permanent hall which is located in most of the towns, but Provisional Clan Hall is instanced version which can be rent only for 28 days.

Purchasing Clan Halls

Clan leaders can only bid on one clan hall in an auction. When a clan leader places a bid on a clan hall, the bid amount of adena is taken from the clan's warehouse. Bids must be higher than the previous bid.
Clan leaders cannot bid more than the amount of adena in the clan's warehouse.
The clan leader who places the highest bid at the end of the auction wins. If a clan is successful in purchasing a clan hall, the clan leader receives a message that they won. Any previous residents that are still in the hall are kicked out. The bid amounts of the clan leaders who bid unsuccessfully are returned to their clan's warehouses.
Clan Halls

Clan Hall Maintenance

The clan that owns the clan hall must deposit usage fees in the clan warehouse, collected weekly. If the usage fees are not paid, the clan leader receives a message and is given a grace period of one week. If the usage fees are still not paid after that time, the clan hall is repossessed and put up for auction.
HP and MP can be regenerated within the clan hall for a fee. A warehouse is available in the clan hall, and teleporters are available in the clan hall for members to travel to the village entrance and square. Teleporting to other areas requires a fee.

Olympiad Settings
Grand Olympiad

Grand Olympiad

The Grand Olympiad is a PvP competition held to determine the Hero. It is held in one month periods, and at the end of each period, the Noblesse with the most Olympiad points in each class is appointed Hero. Only Noblesse can participate in the Olympiad competition.

Olympiad Configurations

  • Monthly Olympiad cycle
  • Heroes are announced first day of the month
  • Matches take place on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and operate from 20:00 to 00:00
  • The minimum participant requirement to start a match is 9+ players and the maximum amount of games a player can participate in a week is 30
  • The minimum required games for hero declaration is 10

Olympiad rewards

  • Heroes can receive their circlet, weapons and cloak from Monument of Heroes
  • Players which were in TOP 3 ranking can receive cloak from Monument of Heroes
  • Player can calculate their points and receive tokens to buy stuff from Olympiad manager
Ingame Currency
Shilen's Soul Fragment
Ingame Currency

Shilen's Soul Fragment

Since Shilen's power is still growing up, she started to infect monsters with her soul fragments. Rake has started an investigation and he need your help to assist him with collecting these soul fragments. Meet him in Town of Aden and as an thank you for collaboration, you can receive an amazing rewards!
Shilen's Soul Fragment

How to get it

There is a chance to get Shilen's Soul Fragment upon killing any monster on the world. Be aware, that it will not be an easy task to collect enough amount of fragments to get your reward.
The chance to drop Shilen's Soul Fragment is based on level of monster.

Mentoring System
Bonuses of Mentoring
Mentoring System

Basic Mentorship Informations

Mentorship allows players to help each other and to get buffs for it, and to buy different items from Mentor Guide.
Characters which reach level 40 will receive Mentoring Guidebook and Mentee Certificate. To become a mentor or a mentee, you need to make a contact with other character.


  • Character level 85 or higher, complete Awakening (3rd Liberation for Ertheia).
  • One mentor can have up to 3 mentees at the same time.
  • When a mentee is online, the mentor automatically gets Mentee's Appreciation (+5% XP)
  • As the mentee reaches certain levels, the mentor gets some Mentee's Marks, which can be used for buying items from Mentor Guides.
  • At the moment of graduation, the mentee is removed from the list of mentees. The mentor can take a new mentee in 1 day.
  • If the contract is broken, the mentor cannot make new contracts for 1 day.


  • Character level 85 or below, incomplete Awakening (3rd Liberation for Ertheia).
  • One mentee can only have one mentor at the same time.
  • When a mentor is online, the mentee automatically gets Mentor's Guidance (+100% XP)
  • When the mentor is online, the mentee automatically gets a set of buffs: 4 melodies and 3 sonatas.
  • While the contract is valid, the mentee has a skill that allows to summon the mentor: Mentee's Mentor Summon.
  • If the contract is broken, the mentee doesn't get any penalties and can make a new contract immediately.
Fishing System
Automatic Fishing
Fishing System


Fishing System is reworked to be completely automated. When a character approaches a suitable fishing area, start fishing icon appears. Fishing starts as soon as you press start fishing icon. Though it is automated, you must keep a fishing rod and bait equipped.


  • You have to be facing the fishing spot or the message you can't fish here will appear.
  • You must still have a fishing rod and bait equipped in order to begin fishing.
  • The character will keep on fishing until he/she runs out of bait.


  • The player will obtain a fixed amount of XP and SP depending on fish type and character's level.
  • The following skills can be learn from Fishing Guild Member: Expand Trade, Expand Warehouse, Expand Inventory and Expand Craft
  • Players can exchange fishs for Fish Stew from Fishing Guild Member, which provide buffs for one stat +3 for 30 minutes (STR/INT/WIT/DEX/CON/MEN).

Fishing Zones

Fishing Zones

  • Heine
  • Narsell Lake
  • Iris Lake
  • Fellmere Lake
  • Neutral Zone
  • Near Floran Villlage
  • Near Ivory Tower

To make it easier for your to find these locations, we have marked them on our World Map.

There are two types of baits - Normal and Special. You can buy normal baits from Fishing Guild Member. While fishing with normal baits, there is chance to get Wooden Treasure Chest, which contains Special Bait. Fish or boxes are different for each type of baits.
Normal Baits Fishing - Normal Bait
  • Fresh Blue Mackerela
  • Fresh Flatfish
  • Fresh Mandarin Fish
  • Fresh Rockfish
  • Fresh Goldfish
  • Fresh Salmon
  • Fresh Ee
  • Wooden Treasure Chest
Special Baits Fishing - Special Bait
  • Fresh Marlin
  • Fresh Catfish
  • Fresh Tuna
  • Fresh Carp
  • Fresh Whale
  • Silver Treasure Chest
  • Golden Treasure Chest

Silver Treasure Chest or Golden Treasure Chest are special treasure chests, which might contain Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decree, SP Scroll, Zodiac Agathion Pack (15-day, Passive buff for +1 STR/INT/CON/DEX/WIT/MEN) or Sturdy Fishing Rod.
Training Camp
Offline Leveling
Training Camp

Training Camp

This is a unique zone available to all characters of levels 40 and above with Royal Training Camp Ticket in their inventory. Forget killjoy grinding! The training camp will help you level your character even when you are offline!

How can you get in there

Manager is recruiting for the training camp and is welcoming every volunteer. The npс is located at different spots in different towns. Use /target Manager to find him quickly. Manager will explain to you in detail everything related to training (tell me about this place button in the main dialogue window) and calculate the results of your training.
You can find him in the towns listed below:
  • Aden
  • Rune
  • Giran
  • Dion
  • Gludio
  • Oren
  • Goddard
  • Schuttgart
  • Heine
  • Talking Island Village

Training Camp

How is the training organized

Tell recruiter that you are ready and enter the camp. Your character will be ported into a closed zone with a scarecrow in the center.
At the bottom right corner of the screen you will see 4 buttons: training history, exit camp, restart and exit game. The functionality of the last two buttons is identical to those in the main menu.
To terminate the training press the exit camp button. To start offline training press exit game button. After entering the camp your character will automatically start hitting the scarecrow and gain xp and sp (added once per minute). You can watch the training progress in the special window training history. Your statistics are updated on a real-time basis
The training is limited to 5 hours per day per account. This limitation is recharged at 6:30 in the morning (server time). During the training you can take as many breaks as you wish. For example, after 3-hours training you have 2 more hours to spend on training on the same day.
Attention! XP and SP bonuses are not effective in the Training Camp neither during the training nor at the results calculation. Same goes for the vitality bonus.

Training Camp You can exit the game and even turn your pc off and your character will continue leveling. hen your training ends, the character will be ported out of the camp and you will get a notification about the end of your training.
To get gained XP and SP talk to recruiter and push calculate my points button. You will see a dialogue window with the results of your training. If the training duration was less than 1 minute, you will not receive XP and SP.
Path to Awakening
Rewards for Leveling
Path to Awakening

Path to Awakening

Advanced progression toward your destiny awaits! On your journey to awakening you will be guided along a clear path of attainable goals and given rewards for achieving those goals. Upon reaching an level goal, you can open Reward Box to receive your reward.

Level Goal Recommended Hunting Zone Reward Items
Level 5 Ruins of Ye Sagira
x15Lesser Healing Potion
Level 8 Ruins of Ye Sagira
x1Mount - Rocking Horse (7-day)
Level 10 Ruins of Ye Sagira
x1Minion Coupon (7-day)
Level 20 Ruins of Agony
x1Agathion Pack (7-day)
x2500Soulshot (D-grade) (Event)
x1250Blessed Spiritshot (D-grade) (Event)
Level 40 Alligator Island
x1Mentee Certificate
x1Mentoring Guidebook
x1XP Buff 50% (1 hour)(40~51)
x2500Soulshot (C-grade) (Event)
x1250Blessed Spiritshot (C-grade) (Event)
Level 48 Alligator Island
1xAssassin's Bamboo Hat - Vitality (3 day) 15xGreater Healing Potion
Level 52 Outlaw Forest
x1XP Buff 50% (1 hour)(52~60)
x2500Soulshot (B-grade) (Event)
x1250Blessed Spiritshot (B-grade) (Event)
Level 58 Forsaken Plains
x5Blessed Scroll of Escape (Event)
x5Blessed Scroll of Ressurection (Event)
Level 61 Valley of Saints
x1XP Buff 50% (1 hour)(61~75)
x2500Soulshot (A-grade) (Event)
x1250Blessed Spiritshot (A-grade) (Event)
Level 76 Shrine of Loyalty
x1XP Buff 50% (1 hour)(76~79)
x2500Soulshot (S-grade) (Event)
x1250Blessed Spiritshot (S-grade) (Event)
Level 80 Imperial Tomb
x1XP Buff 50% (1 hour)(80~85)
Level 82 Imperial Tomb
x1XP Buff 50% (1 hour)(80~85)
Level 84 Dragon Valley
x1Empty Vitality Bottle
x1XP Buff 50% (1 hour)(80~85)
Beauty Shop
Make your character unique
Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop

A beauty shop allowing players to change a character’s appearance has been introduced to the game. You can find Beauty Shop Manager - La Vie En Rose in most of towns in the Lineage 2 World.
To change your appearance you will need to buy Beauty Shop Ticket from our L2Store.

Beauty Shop
Be aware, in some speficic zones like Ceremony of Chaos is any appearence disabled. Also some types of hats might not be working with new styles!
Offline Shop & Auctions
Trading System
Offline Shop and Auction House

Offline Shop

As we decided to make life easier for players, we have implemented offline shop system, which will let your character to be trading (buy/sell/craft), while you do not need an active client session. And it will keep your character ingame.

How to use Offline Shop

To use this feature, you need to setup trading and then write in chat .offline. Your client session will be immedietly ended and your character will be moved into offline shop state. It is possible to use this feature only on squares in the Town of Aden!

Any of your summoned pet, summon or agathion will be automatically unsummoned upon disconnecting in offline shop mode. Also buffs will be removed as well.

Auction House

As Lineage 2 introduced Auction House, you can use it to buy/sell items around whole world! You can setup your auction up to several days, but it also cost some basic fee!. Items are delivered via mail system after you complete your buy/sell.

Offline Shop and Auction House

Check sale price before you start to buy or sell any item in Auction House!

Item Broker

You can try the auction of amazing items, when you speak to the npc Item Broker in Giran, Aden and Rune. These auctions are in regularly interval and everyone can try to bid their adena to join in!

Item Auction

Item auctions are starting every Monday at 5pm in Aden, Wednesday at 5pm in Rune and Friday at 5pm in Giran.
Clans and Parties
Clans and Parties

Clan Entry

Clan Entry opens the window where clans that are looking for new members can post ads for characters without a clan to see and, possibly, apply for membership.

Clans and Parties

Party Matching

Party Matching system is for making parties with other players you do not necessarily know. The party matching feature can be opened by typing "/partymatching" in your chat or by clicking the party matching icon in the user interface.

Clans and Parties
When using this function, any player on the server can see that you are looking for a party. You don't need to stay in town and you don't need to be in the same vicinity of the people you want to be partied with. This works out especially well for characters still leveling up, as you can go do a quests or grind while waiting for a party to be matched up with anywhere in the world.
By simply leaving the party matching window open, players looking for your level range can see that you are a potential candidate for their party. Or if you want to start a party, just open a room and wait for interested players to join your room or invite them from the waiting list.
Races, Classes nad AP System
Classes and Abilities

Races and Classes

Seven different races coexist in the world of Lineage II, each with its own physical characteristics, classes and powers.
Classes and Abilities


Humans in Lineage II are similar to Humans in the modern world. Humans currently have the greatest dominion in the world and the largest population.
Classes and Abilities Classes and Abilities

Classes and Abilities


The race of Elves worships the goddess of water and loves nature and aquatic life. The Elves have slim and nimble bodies, long ears, and beautiful features. During the era of Giants, among all creatures they held the most power. However, when the Giants were destroyed, the power and influence of the Elves were also diminished. Now they only inhabit part of the forest in Aden.
Classes and Abilities Classes and Abilities

Classes and Abilities

Dark Elf

Dark Elves were once part of the Elven tribes, but were banished after they learned black magic in order to obtain the power to fight Humans. They lost the battle, but continued to study the dark arts. Dark Elves have similar features to their Elven brethren, but are taller, have blue-gray skin, and silver hair. They follow Shilen, the goddess of Death.
Classes and Abilities Classes and Abilities

Classes and Abilities


The Orc race is the race of fire. Among all races, Orcs possess the greatest physical abilities. After the destruction of the giants, they were able to expel the Elves and attained the most powerful position on Aden. However, they were defeated by the Elf-Human alliance some time later, and are currently living in an arctic area of Elmore.
Classes and Abilities Classes and Abilities

Classes and Abilities


Dwarves are of the race of earth they were made from and worship the God of Earth Maphr. They have strong physical strength, a curious nature, and a fondness for creating new items. After the destruction of the giants, the Dwarven race always tried to side with the most powerful race in the land. However, as a result they became an isolated race - disliked by all other races for their profiteering nature. Their society structure can be compared to a large corporation and they are still renowned for their business savvy and capacity for organization. Dwarves are largely divided into Scavengers who find and retrieve raw materials, and Artisans who manufacture products out of raw materials.
Classes and Abilities

Classes and Abilities


Kamael were born in the Era of Myths. These mysterious creatures have preserved their own unique culture living within the confines of the Isle of Souls, a haven located to the west of the Dark Elf Village. They appeared on the continent under the guidance of the Gods. Unlike the other five races that were created by gods, it is speculated that they were created for the purpose of battling against some unknown creatures. They are born into their destined religion that serves an absolute ruler called the “Mother Nornil”. Under the Mother Nornil, they devote their faith in the Goddess of Past, who rules history, the Goddess of Present, who records everything happening at this moment, and the Goddess of Future, who forecasts what’s to come.
Classes and Abilities

Classes and Abilities


The Ertheia were created when Sahya, youngest son of Einhasad, imbued their forms with the essence of the wind. The Ertheia were free souls, full of curiosity and always on the move, just like the wind. They were so beautiful that Einhasad wanted to keep them in Magmeld, but Sayha's pleas freed them. The giants also wanted to possess their beauty and locked them in cages. But those who were so imprisoned never lasted long. In the end, the Giants released them. The Ertheia were allowed to roam freely around the world, often returning to tell stories of what they had seen.
Classes and Abilities Classes and Abilities

Ability System

Abilities are additional skills helping you to make your character stronger. Abilities are available in your Character's status window ( Alt + T ) when you press the AP button.

Classes and Abilities

How to get Abilities

  • Character must be level 99+
  • Character must be Noblesse
  • Ability points can be converted from SP
  • Character cannot exceed a total of 16 ability points

Basic info about Abilities

  • Abilities main and dual classes are learned separately
  • Abilities work as passive skills, however you can't see them in your skills
  • Ability points can be reset for 10 million Adena

Special wings

There are three types of wings - bronze (8+ points), silver (12+ points) or gold (15+ points), which you can receive for specific amount of learned ability points on character.

Classes and Abilities
Vitality System
Bonus experiences
Vitality System

Vitality System

A vitality system provides 200% bonus experience during hunting. When you obtain experience points by hunting regular monsters or bosses, Vitality Points (VP) are consumed. You can check your character's Vitality by viewing your Character Status Window.
Vitality is replenished every wednesday at 6:30 AM. Also you can Vitality replenish or freeze it by using items from L2Store, events or special herbs.

Vitality System

Vitality Bottle

We have created Vitality Bottle item mechanic, which might help you on your journey. Empty Vitality Bottle can consume one bar of your character vitality and put it into the bottle. After that you will receive Vitality Bottle - Full, which contains one bar of vitality. To restore it back, you will need to use Vitality Bottle - Full item, then your vitality bar will be replenished on character.

Vitality System
You can receive one Empty Vitality Bottle for free upon reaching Lv. 84 from Level Reward Box. If you would like to get more of these bottles, you will need buy them from our L2Store shop. Each character can have only three Vitality Bottles.
Vitality Bottle items can be used only on your main class and character must be in peace zone. Also these items can not be traded or transfered to another character.